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Working hands-on to implement modern enterprise security and compliance for software companies.

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Not just advisers, we’re doers.

At Seiso, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to quickly improve competitiveness and speed to market with a focus on security. We take a cloud-native approach to compliance, writing tests and automation to make sure your environments comply with your policies and requirements. Sometimes we use tools like Kubernetes, other times it requires writing something from scratch. Both are things we do all the time.  

What separates Seiso from any other company?

Unique skillsets

Were a team of unicorns with unique skillsets who can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Word is bond

Unlike other companies who make empty promises, we actually do what we say well do.


We’re 100% focused on making security an advantage and helping clientsbusinesses grow.

Happy customers

We have a 95% client retention rate year-over-year because we prioritize client success.

Some client perspectives.

Continuous improvement, not perfection.  

Simplicity is something we live and breathe at Seiso. It’s even in our name — Seiso is not only a play on CISO but also a Japanese philosophy about cleanliness, order, and efficiency and being better able to spot problems.

At Seiso, we incorporate this approach in our business and with our clients. We work side by side with you to create the most effective security systems with utmost simplicity that are in harmony with your business.

We’re experts at quickly uncovering where you are in your security journey, and getting you on track to continuously improve.

Seiso inside the numbers.

Client retention rate year-over-year
Client certification success rate
Focused on making security your advantage

A culture of collaboration.  

Organizations weve helped through open-source collaborations.   

Seiso vs. Other Advisory Firms

Few companies truly do what we do, but there are some that say they can. The contrast between our process, approach, and the results we achieve is significant.

Active vs. Passive

We actually do the work. They just tell you what to do.

Modern vs. Antiquated

We take a low-friction approach. They use an inefficient, dated process.

Senior vs. Junior

We have highly skilled, experienced practitioners. They assign entry-level junior talent.

Career paths at Seiso

We allow employees to grow through a technical path or a managerial one.  Unlike other advisory firms, we don’t force highly talented engineers to stop doing what they do best to advance their careers.


Interested in exploring a career at Seiso?

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our growing team. Please reach out with questions or interest in applying.

Meet the leadership team.

Joe Wynn
Co-Founder & CEO
Jon Zeolla
Co-Founder & CTO
Eric Lansbery
Chief Operating Officer

On the speaking circuit.

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