Security as Advantage

Frictionless, agile security programs that match the speed and demands of your software company’s modern pipelines.

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Security and compliance at the speed of DevOps.  

We understand the challenges of growing a cloud-native product company and the need to focus on innovation without neglecting security. No one is better equipped to help you build a custom program that wont slow you down.

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Security programs to scale at will, not at wait.

ISO 27001 

 Maximize growth and minimize costs by quickly achieving certification with our low-friction approach.  


Demonstrate that your product or service is committed to security, confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy.  


Procure government contracts by implementing specific levels of cybersecurity practices and protecting information.  

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Ready to discuss how security can help you achieve your business goals? 

Security as Advantage.

Do you look at cybersecurity as a hindrance to getting the product out the door? Together, we can change that. When done right, security can be a strength for your business.

Differentiate from competition

An audited security program merits attention early in discussions with a potential client since it gives you a leg-up in a crowded and competitive market.

Land larger deals

The right security program has the power to open doors to new markets around the world and within regulated industries. By achieving relevant certifications, security will help you close more lucrative deals.

Improve software quality

Investing in software security improves quality and observability, making SREs and customers happy. Security projects can also enhance automated monitoring and dashboards for product and executive leadership. The benefits are endless.

Common elements of security programs we deliver.  

CI/CD Guardrails

Automate your security controls to ensure software is developed securely and deployed as many times a day as you’d like.

IT Risk Assessment

Utilize self-service risk management information to make informed decisions and provide contextual guidance for decision-makers, rather than endless risk reduction.

AWS and Azure Security Assessments 

Deliver a comprehensive understanding of your company’s cloud security posture and identify areas that require improvement.  

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Governance Development   

Establish policies, procedures, and controls aligned with your company’s business objectives, reflecting a balanced security approach rather than a pursuit of perfection.

Security Dashboards    

Gain unprecedented visibility into your company’s security posture and performance to identify areas of concern, trends, and potential risks. 

Incident Response Program   

Improve your response to security incidents by utilizing efficient automation and processes, along with well-trained staff instructed by the Seiso team.

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