Achieving it is huge, but the effort to get there doesnt have to be.  

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Close Americas biggest software deals.  

Security controls for your software products or services.  

Achieving SOC 2 demonstrates your commitment to security, confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy in your products and services. And it keeps you in the conversation with larger US-based companies.  

Security as Advantage: SOC 2 

How a balanced risk-based approach to modern compliance strengthens the business.   

Maximum Efficiency

An elegant, efficient investment of business resources requires less time, effort, and expense so you can focus on other priorities. 

Product Improvement

Improvements in your products quality and observability ensure compliance efforts are aligned with broader business goals. 

Continuous Improvement

Compliance efforts are integrated into development pipelines and continuously optimized to meet changing business and regulatory requirements.  

Healthy Infrastructure

Compliance efforts are regularly tested and validated to identify and address potential issues to ensure the infrastructure stays healthy. 

Right-Size Investment

Appropriate spending on security minimizes the risk of over-investment in compliance that may not deliver sufficient returns. 

Continuous compliance stats.  

How do companies feel about their programs?

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say it's a business driver
see value in adopting it

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Ready to discuss how SOC 2 can help achieve your business goals? 

Why Seiso?

Top 4 reasons companies need our SOC 2 guidance:

Customer requirement

Your current or prospective US-based customers are demanding you have SOC 2 in place. 

Data protection

Your company handles sensitive information or provides services critical to customer operations. 

Fast-track certification

A current or potential partner requires compliance on a tight deadline, resulting in the need to achieve certification quickly. We offer a hyper-focused service to get you audit-ready in six months with certification in hand in twelve.

Being proactive

Future-proofing security to get out in front of client requests or your competition by achieving SOC 2 now.

How does SOC 2 specifically benefit your business?

Competitive differentiator

Your certified security program will help set you apart from the competition in today’s crowded marketplace. 

Land bigger deals

Knowing your security is a competitive strength will give you the confidence to bid on more lucrative deals.

cybersecurity business outcomes benefits
Growth catalyst

Security will be a catalyst to growth, not a hindrance, helping you expand to new untapped markets and industries.

Strong security posture

Being less vulnerable to attacks and more resilient means less chance of downtime due to a cyber event.  

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