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Expert Additions Bring Full-Service Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Capabilities to the Team

February 26, 2024 – PITTSBURGH, PA – Seiso is excited to announce the addition of two internationally recognized experts who bring deep experience in the fields of crisis management and crisis communication. Crisis specialists, Dianne Chase and Cynthia Cavendish-Carey, have joined the Seiso team to expand strategic preparedness and response capabilities to clients. Learn more at

“Our new team members allow us to deliver important and elevated offerings for our clients,” said Joseph Wynn, CEO, Seiso, LLC. “Historically, we have specialized in information technology and cybersecurity. With the addition of these two highly regarded professionals, we now bring a depth of expertise across any type of risk scenario, including emergency succession, financial, employee and legal issues, business continuity planning, as well as legal, regulatory, and compliance risks, among many other areas of vulnerability that companies face.”

Our new Strategic Preparedness Team delivers an array of services, including crisis planning, crisis plan writing and review, scenario-based testing for plan vulnerabilities, immediate crisis management, crisis communication and media training and coaching, as well as high-level reputation consulting, and leadership development and counsel.

Eric Lansbery, Vice President of Seiso added “our team has always had a stringent process regarding information and cybersecurity. Now, we are refining our approach to ensure strategic business sustainability and resilience further across the myriad of issues and risks that organizations face every day.”

With combined experience in strategic preparedness and communication of more than 65 years, Ms. Cavendish-Carey based in Pittsburgh, PA and Ms. Chase based in Charlotte, NC bring deep expertise to the Seiso organization and expand Seiso’s high-level offerings to clients across the country and around the world.

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