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Does your security team always feel like they’re slowing down the business? Is there a habit of moving on after installing a product quickly because of busy schedules or competing priorities? Let us tailor your tooling to fit your company’s security needs and improve your ability to deliver value to your customers.

As security simultaneously “shifts left” in the software development life cycle and becomes more distributed throughout your organization, keeping application and environmental risks well understood and managed is difficult. Developers and engineers need to be enabled to work quickly and effectively without constantly relying on security specialists. Meanwhile, security questionnaires, regulations, and contract language are becoming so stringent that it’s easy to get bogged down by the ad hoc requests and audits.

Let us work with your engineering and development teams to understand how security is slowing them down, and we’ll get them back to focusing on shipping value without compromising your security requirements. Advances in security tooling and techniques allow for augmentation of their workflows to reduce or remove manual labor while simultaneously improving quality and injecting ways to measure the program for ways it can improve.

Our process is a combination of deep understanding of highly technical environments and simplifying the parts of your program that can be simplified, reducing the cognitive load of your key personnel. We find the hard-to-identify security wins and then engineer solutions optimized for your unique application infrastructure. All of our solutions are created with security “guardrails” in mind, as we believe teams should be enabled, not gated. This is a critical effort in developing an evidence-based, data-driven application security program that focuses on capabilities, not checkboxes.

These are some of the solutions we can provide for your team:

  • Tailored integrations for products such Vault, Ansible, Falco, Terraform, Linkerd, Packer, and the rest of the Kubernetes and cloud-native ecosystems.
  • Application security automation, including static and dynamic application security scanning for CI/CD pipelines.
  • Validation of infrastructure as code deployments and standards with secure-by-default controls.
  • Aggregating application security metrics for viewing application vulnerability trends.
  • Opinionated, secure-by-default libraries, customized for your company, for critical services like authentication, authorization, input validation, or encryption.
  • Perform secure application design and cloud security reviews that not only give you a picture of your current environment, but portions of which it can be automated to provide accurate, up-to-date, and human-understandable documentation on demand and with minimal maintenance.

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