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The cloud empowers companies to develop and scale quickly, but that speed can result in overly complex or unclear operating environments. Let us help you identify weak points in your platform.

Cloud resources offer myriad of solutions to help teams scale and secure their systems reliably. However, understanding the complex, interdependent configuration options offered by each cloud provider and their services can be a huge challenge and source of confusion. Worse yet are the security issues that can be introduced when resources are misconfigured – sometimes just by missing a single checkbox. For organizations that deploy resources to cloud environments, having regular security assessments is essential.

We understand cloud security and the common gaps that lead to breaches. See how our assessments keep your resources safe:

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Whether you're hosting applications internally or for your customers, the cloud presents an attack surface that can be hard to control. You know your business can thrive in the cloud by reducing delivery costs and increasing your agility, but how can you do that while still maintaining the right level of awareness and confidence in its security?

At Seiso, we operate with a cloud-first mentality, driven by years of experience building security programs and securing workloads as they migrate from lift-and-shift cloud usage to be truly cloud-native. Our teams understand the nuance of cloud configurations, interconnections, and applications, and leverage this knowledge to identify the real risks to your systems – without giving you a 100-page vulnerability scanner report.

Ultimately, our goal is to lead you to a cloud that protects your data, and your people.
Gain the insight, visibility, and the level of confidence in your cloud, to operate at the level you require.

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