Penetration Testing

Testing the resilience of your technical controls in place from the perspective of a real-world attacker.

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Web Application Penetration Testing and Secure Code Reviews

Seiso ties traditional testing methods with the modern application stacks and provides an in-depth, customer interaction based engagement that includes code reviews, client-side, and business logic testing. Reporting is designed to support both compliance and internal best-practice requirements, while providing in-depth remediation opportunities and re-testing steps.

This type of testing is most valuable when it mimics a variety of user personas working in the application and is aligned with application development release lifecycles.

Enterprise Penetration Testing

Seiso specializes in proactive security assessments, where our authorized cybersecurity professionals simulate real-world attacks. We pinpoint vulnerabilities in IT systems, networks, wireless access, and personnel, empowering organizations to fortify their defenses and preempt potential risks.

Our testing methods include real-world scenario and persona simulations that uncover practical avenues attackers might exploit to compromise your environment.

Cloud Security Penetration Testing

Seiso’s pentesters are experts in all aspects of cloud operations and security. With skills in software development, cloud security engineering, and security assessment, we employ top-tier methods, tools, and frameworks to thoroughly evaluate your cloud environment. Our goal is to identify vulnerabilities early and facilitate easy remediation.

Our testing is ideal for customers with diverse cloud environments, services, and users. Seiso specializes in AWS and Azure testing, along with other leading hosting providers.

Business Risk Management Focused Testing

Seiso prioritizes understanding your critical business processes to focus on preventing security compromises. We employ a risk-based approach to inform our testing methods, ensuring effectiveness. Our certified testers are highly skilled in manual and automated testing, risk management, framework alignment, vulnerability management, wireless testing, and social engineering. Our testing produces tailored, auditable reports compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST, CMMC, and other requirements. We provide concise finding summaries and remediation recommendations that seamlessly integrate into your risk and task management solutions.

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