Mike Paluselli

Director of Business Development
Linkedin Twitter Mike’s career trajectory into information and cybersecurity was a natural extension of his background in investigations and physical security. Starting as a private investigator out of college, Mike spent the next 25 years executing and leading investigative teams in small businesses and large corporations. Along the way, he became a manager, director and COO at several different organizations. Mike has worked in healthcare, insurance, construction, security technology and business consulting. An entrepreneur at heart and an owner of a small business, Mike was a natural fit to lead the business development efforts at Seiso LLC. Mike enjoys the challenge of building and maintaining Seiso’s sales and marketing efforts, especially given the niche market Seiso pursues. The bleeding edge of information and cybersecurity makes every day an adventure with new horizons always emerging. Mike has Bachelor degree from Penn State and an MBA from Duquesne. He is a member of InfraGard and is active in Scouting and youth sports coaching. Joe Wynn