Cloud Security Assessment


The cloud empowers companies to develop and scale quickly, but that speed can result in overly complex or unclear operating environments. Let us help you identify weak points in your platform.

Cloud resources offer myriad of solutions to help teams scale and secure their systems reliably. However, understanding the complex, interdependent configuration options offered by each cloud provider and their services can be a huge challenge and source of confusion. Worse yet are the security issues that can be introduced when resources are misconfigured – sometimes just by missing a single checkbox. For organizations that deploy resources to cloud environments, having regular security assessments is essential.

We understand cloud security and the common gaps that lead to breaches. See how our assessments keep your resources safe:

  • Cloud infrastructure security review and recommendations for improvement, such as just-in-time user and access provisioning, identity and access management (IAM), data storage security, serverless security, logging, cloud-native vulnerability scanning, security automation, account and subscription design, and other security controls.
  • Review infrastructure as code such as Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates, or Ansible, and either provide actionable feedback or contribute changes directly via pull requests.
  • Leverage cloud-native, open source, and/or proprietary software to ensure necessary security controls are implemented in the cloud, including network security policies, data security, patch management, secrets management, identity and access management (IAM), intrusion detection, anti-malware, incident response/breach readiness, and vulnerability identification through tools like AWS Security Hub or Azure Security Center.
  • Review and recommend methods for technically assessing and enforcing adherence to policies, standards, and other governance documentation.
  • Develop automated dashboards to provide oversight and visualization of your cloud security.

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