The Seiso Way is the mind-set our team utilizes to logically design and implement cutting-edge improvements.

Not only do we deliver excellent results but also a heightened confidence from knowing you did infosec the right way.

The Seiso Way

5 Steps to Maintain Info Security

1. Enlighten

We start by seeking out what matters most to you. It could be your obligations to your clients, meeting strict government regulations, or keeping private data private. Once we know that, we can apply our talent and wisdom to your situation.

2. Envision

Inner peace is different for everyone, every system, and every process. This is when we focus on finding yours. Once we find your path forward, we can confidently begin the journey.

3. Establish

Now that we know the way, we put one foot in front of the other until we’re there. This is where we build systems, processes, procedures, and everything else needed to create a sensible and effective information security program.

4. Enhance

There are no finish lines in information security. Whether your program is emerging or established, we sharpen the focus, making it better, stronger, and in perfect harmony with your business.


This is where we reach infosec Nirvana. Key stakeholders gain confidence by knowing they are prepared for what is next, no matter what it is. And as their business continues to change, we adapt with it.

The Seiso Way - Process - 5 Steps
The Seiso Way - Process - 5 Steps


You get three teams, one goal
and ultimate protection.

We bring you peace of mind through information security rooted in a scalable management process that easily spots things that are at risk, out of place, or under attack. Let us find the right path for you to travel.

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