Security Engineering, Blue Team

Seiso’s cybersecurity engineers are equipped to build the cutting-edge systems you need to protect your business without slowing it down.



Allows your team to fix issues before they make it into production by identifying bugs continually during development.

Software design inherently has to strike a balance between security and usability. Do you understand the risks of your applications?

The cloud empowers companies to develop and scale quickly, but that speed can result in overly complex or unclear operating environments. Let us help you identify weak points in your platform.

Does your security team always feel like they’re slowing down the business? Is there a habit of moving on after installing a product quickly because of busy schedules or competing priorities? Let us tailor your tooling to fit your company’s security needs and improve your ability to deliver value to your customers.

Cloud-native distributed systems and microservices create unique security challenges that require bleeding-edge solutions. Let us bring you peace of mind by collaborating with your team to implement zero trust security.

“When you think you are safe is precisely when you are most vulnerable.”

– Kambei Shimada

Protect – Solutions

When it is said someone “reaches Nirvana,” it means they have reached a place where outside forces have no impact on them. In the world of information security, that’s also the ultimate goal.

The Seiso Way

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