Offensive Security, Red Team

Bring a dose of reality to your defenses by understanding how you would stand up to a real-world attack. It’s better to have Seiso’s trusted red team reveal this before a hacker does.



The best defense starts with thinking like your adversary and using their tools to find weaknesses across your entire system before they do. Our focused approach of in-depth testing does exactly that, in a way that gives you useful information for prioritizing and fixing the findings, not a generic tool export. Once we begin, we’ll keep you informed of what we’re accomplishing through industry standard frameworks and detailed, adversarial-like methodologies.

Businesses run on web applications, and the operational security risks are ever-increasing in this web-centric, always-evolving platform.  The constantly changing environments and tooling of web applications creates a need for highly specialized knowledge to properly secure them. Seiso approaches these penetration tests by utilizing the latest offensive and secure software development methodologies expertly applied to deliver the most effective results, in consumable and actionable terms.

Don’t know where to start? Need a big-picture view? Have certain controls you want to test? Seiso’s Security Assessment might be the service you’ve been searching for. It’s simple, versatile, and effective, and our experts apply a variety of disciplines to extract, analyze, and define your security objectives so that you have a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities and what you need to do to fix them.

“A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm.”

– Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Test – Solutions

When it is said someone “reaches Nirvana,” it means they have reached a place where outside forces have no impact on them. In the world of information security, that’s also the ultimate goal.

The Seiso Way

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