Start-Up Innovator of the Year, Pittsburgh Technology Council

Why Seiso?

Confidence in secure business

True peace of mind comes from information that is secured by a real business partner with
personalized consulting and solutions.

This allows your business to thrive.

Seiso strives to be your most trusted confidant.

Why Seiso

How we do it

A team of experts focused on simplicity

Information security solutions that you and your company can actually use and understand, simple enough to be explained in documentation and effective enough to be enforced by automation, codified into your company’s process.

Why Seiso

What we Do

Confidence in secure business

We help you navigate the ever-changing world of information security systems by changing the way you envision and approach your business processes.

Why Seiso



Our integrated teams of professionals, united by The Seiso Way, have amassed an incredible number of industry critical certifications, all harmoniously compiled to provide you with the best security talent available.


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